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TAF Winter Check


Get Winter Ready with TAF

As the cold sets in, the demands on your vehicle rise, leading us to the proud launch of our Seasonal Winter Safety Checks.

This seasonal initiative is designed to prepare your vehicle for winter roads, whilst offering exclusive perks to add a touch of warmth to the colder months.  Our Winter Checks are more than a service; they’re peace of mind encapsulated in a comprehensive vehicle assessment.

Why Get Winter Ready with TAF?

  • Complimentary Winter Checks: We offer a thorough Winter Check at no cost because we believe safety should never be a premium.
  • All-Around Assessment: From your battery to your tyres and wipers, we inspect every element to guarantee winter resilience.
  • Expert Advice: Our team doesn’t just check; they advise. We provide insights on immediate and future maintenance to keep you one step ahead of the weather.
  • Immediate Discount: Sign up for our ‘Winter Ready’ campaign and receive a TAF ‘Winter Ready’ sticker. This sticker gives you an immediate 15% discount.
  • Exclusive 2024 Perks: Enjoy exclusive offers throughout 2024. Our ‘Winter Ready’ sticker not only prepares your vehicle for the Winter but also serves as a loyalty card for year-long savings.

Join the Winter Ready Movement

Secure your vehicle’s reliability, claim your rewards, and join a community of drivers who value safety and performance, no matter the weather.

Don’t just brave the winter, conquer it.


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TAF Winter Checklist

  • Tyre Inspection
  • Battery Inspection
  • Brake Check
  • Fluids and Heating Inspection
  • Light and Mirror Inspection
  • Wipers Inspection
  • Limited Spaces Available - 250