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We have an extensive selection of brake systems and components for cars, light commercial vehicles, and trucks, all of which can be fitted while you wait. We also understand the vital importance of ensuring braking systems are working to their optimum level, so offer free of charge brake inspections.

A braking system involves lots of different components jointly working to help you control and stop vehicle. The main ones are the master cylinder, the servo, the brake callipers, brake fluid and cylinders, disks, drums, pads and shoes. Linking them all is number of brake hoses and pipes that contain the brake fluid. When you press your brake pedal, the system slows and the stops your vehicle.

The brake system is such an important part of your vehicle that it requires regular checks to ensure it is optimally working. The implications of a sudden brake failure can be devastating and something that all responsible drivers wish to avoid.

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  • Brakes Supplying & Fitting
  • Brake System Test