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TAF stocks and can fit part or full exhaust systems for most makes and models of vehicles and what we can’t source from manufacturers, we can fabricate in our service centre.

Exhaust systems are piping used to carry away exhaust gases efficiently and safely from a vehicle’s engine. They normally consist of a series of components including the cylinder head and exhaust manifold, a turbocharger to increase engine power, a catalytic converter to reduce air pollution and a silencer to reduce noise.

Our services

While advances in manufacturing techniques have significantly increased the life of modern exhausts, there remains the need to replace one, or more of these components as they wear out. TAF can undertake this work while you wait, using our extensive stock range to supply the right solution for customer’s vehicles, or order more specialised systems as required.

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  • Manufacture exhausts
  • Fabricating components
  • Whole systems if necessary